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Crushed Stone and Stone Dust are some of the most crucial materials for many DIY hardscaping projects. Crushed Stone and Stone Dust have many different applications, but they also have many other names, which can get confusing.

However, Crushed Stone is a stone that has been run through a crushing machine which also creates Stone Dust as a byproduct. The two can either come as a combination or be separated, allowing them to have many applications. It can be made from many different stones, such as limestone, granite, and similar, further increasing the spectrum of possibilities.

Uses for Stone Dust and Crushed Stone

Most often, Stone Dust is used as a setting bed for bluestone, cobblestone, and other stone pavers, due to its ability to offer a smooth surface while at the same time supporting the weight of the stone.

Another use for Stone Dust is agriculture, as it changes the pH levels and increases the fertility of the soil.

Crushed Stone closely resembles gravel; however, crushed stone is made while gravel is created by naturally occurring erosion. Its primary use is in road construction, where it serves as a composite material in asphalt, tarmac, and concrete.

However, depending on your creativity, it can also be used for landscaping as a walkway, a driveway, a groundcover, and other similar applications.

Other less common uses for crushed stone as railroad track ballast, weed suppressor, and erosion control.

The benefits of Crushed Stone and Stone Dust

  • Stone Dust is perfect for making slightly uneven surfaces flat and level.
  • Both Crushed Stone and Stone Dust aren’t as expensive as other hardscaping materials.
  • Stone Dust and Crushed Stone are perfect for filling out the holes between paving stones where weed might start growing.
  • Because they’re created from different stones, you can purchase them in a variety of different colours and types.

Crushed Stone and Stone Dust have many different benefits and uses, so you have complete creative freedom to think outside the box and utilize the materials in the best way possible!

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1 cubic yard bag vs 1 cubic yard bulk

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