Services & Rentals

Greely proudly offers services and rentals including Greely’s DisposaBag  Waste Pickup, Yard Waste Bin Rentals  and Lawn & Garden Tool Rental Kits all your rental needs, look to Greely Sand & Gravel.

Greely's DisposaBag Waste Pickup

Greely’s DisposaBag Waste Pickup

Your yard or home maintenance project with these cubic yard bags has never been easier. Greely’s DisposaBag wastee pickup, available in three different waste streams to choose from, including Garden Waste, Excavation Waste, and Non-Hazardous Household Waste.

Yard Waste Bin Rental

An innovative idea, GS&G designed yard waste bins that allow you, the customer, to get a product delivered and then rent the container for excavation and/or leaf and yard waste clean-up. This process saves you money and time.

Lawn & Garden Tools Rental Kit

The Lawn & Garden Tools Rental Kit is a fully enclosed compact unit that contains the tools you need and is delivered directly to your driveway.

If you are looking for a reputable and reliable partner for your landscaping rental needs, contact Greely Sand & Gravel today!