Services & Rentals

Greely proudly offers services and rentals including Lawn & Garden Tool Rental Kits, Greely’s DisposaBag Waste Pickup, mini roll-off containers, slinger services, flusher / water truck rentals, boom truck service, and heavy equipment.

Lawn & Garden Tools Rental Kit.

Lawn & Garden Tools Rental Kit
The Lawn & Garden Tools Rental Kit is a fully enclosed compact unit that contains the tools you need and is delivered directly to your driveway. Click the image above to read more about our gardening tool rental kits.

Disposabag waste pick up

Greely’s DisposaBag Waste Pickup
Cleaning up after your yard or home maintenance project with these cubic yard bags has never been easier with Greely’s fast and efficient DisposaBag waste pickup.  Three different waste streams to choose from, including Garden Waste, Excavation Waste, and Non-Hazardous Household Waste.

Roll off containers

Roll-Off Containers
An innovative idea, GS&G designed mini roll-off containers that allow you, the customer, to get two products delivered at the same time and rent the container for excavation and/or leaf and yard waste clean-up. This process saves you money and time. Click the image above to read more about our exclusive mini roll-off container service.

slinger service

Slinger Service
The new slinger service is another innovation at GS&G, which again, allows you to save on time, labour and delivery costs. The slinger service can spread sand, mulch, stone or topsoil up to 75 feet from the back of the truck — making your job that much easier! Click the image above to read more about GS&G’s latest money saving slinger innovation.

vacuum truck

Tandem Flusher + Water Truck
We also offer a tandem flusher + water truck for rent that is great for getting a new landscape off the ground and blooming in short order. Need some dust control or a street cleaned? Our flusher is perfect for the job. Click the image above to read more about this uniquely useful equipment.

boom truck

Boom Truck
Newly added boom truck completes GS&G’s pristine fleet. Our boom truck is a flat bed truck with a knuckle boom crane. We use the boom truck to deliver landscape boulders, wall stone, pallets of sod, and our 1 cubic yard Greely’s Gardening Bag. Click the image above to read more about our boom truck rentals.

heavy equipment rentals

Heavy Equipment Rentals
Heavy equipment rentals for those larger jobs! Choose from a wide variety of equipment that will suit your needs, such as loaders, excavators, backhoes, dump trucks, and more. Click the image above to read more about our heavy equipment rentals.