Getting Your Yard & Garden Supplies Delivered in Ottawa

Spring is here, and topsoil season is right around the corner! Our team here at Greely Sand & Gravel is working hard to screen, blend, and prepare our famous Greely’s Topdressing Soil - available soon for pick-up and delivery! Aside from our ever-popular Topdressing Soil, we have many other products rolling into our landscape depots, including a wide variety of mulch, decorative stone, gravel, sand, and accent boulders. If you have a landscaping project you plan to complete this year, don’t miss browsing our incredible variety of high-quality products. In addition to offering a wide range of product choices, Greely Sand & Gravel is well known for offering convenient and innovative delivery methods to ensure our customers get exactly what they need, when and where they need it! Read on to learn more about our delivery options and to find out which one might be right for you.

Greely’s Gardening Bags

Looking for a smaller amount of product to install over a longer period of time or in a difficult-to-access area of your property? If so, our clean and convenient Greely Gardening Bags might be a perfect option for your project! Our Gardening Bags come in three sizes:

  • 1 cubic yard
  • ½ cubic yard
  • ¼ cubic yard

Use our quick and helpful cubic yard calculator (found on all our product pages on our website) to determine how much product you need to cover your selected area. For smaller areas, our Gardening Bags help ensure you aren’t left with a lot of excess product once your project is complete. The ¼ cubic yard bag is also perfect for getting enough soil delivered to fill planters, pots, and window boxes without having to haul several grocery store-size bags yourself.

Our Greely Gardening Bags can be filled with nearly any of our products, so if you need stone or mulch in addition to soil, you can easily order a bag of each and have them all delivered at the same time with no extra delivery charge. In fact, we even offer a multi-bag discount when you have two or more Greely Gardening Bags delivered at the same time!

Greely Gardening Bags are delivered using a special forklift, meaning that they are much easier to place close to your project area. If you are having more than one bag delivered, our drivers can work with you to place each bag in the location the product is needed. Remember, if you won’t be home at the time of delivery, please clearly mark where you want your bags placed!

Bulk Load Delivery

In a bulk load delivery, the product is dumped loose onto your driveway or yard. For projects requiring multiple cubic yards of a product, bulk load delivery by dump truck is more cost-effective than individual bags. We can deliver anywhere from one to 22 cubic yards of soil or mulch and up to 16 cubic yards of stone for the same delivery cost. Our split-load trucks can even allow you to order two products of smaller quantities in bulk and have them delivered on the same truck, saving even more on your delivery cost.

We recommend placing a heavy-duty tarp on the spot where you would like your product placed. This will indicate to the driver where you would like your products dumped and help keep them contained, making it easier to clean up when the project is complete.

Get Your Garden Products Delivered Today

Greely Gardening Bags and bulk load deliveries can be ordered through our online store or by calling our office at 613-821-3003. We are also happy to answer questions over the telephone about our delivery options if you are still unsure which option would work best for your project and property.

Whichever delivery option you choose, you can rest assured that you will receive top-quality products with excellent customer service. At Greely Sand & Gravel, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an array of top-tier landscaping products delivered quickly and conveniently!