Alliance Rigid Paver Edging

Are you looking to add a stone walkway, patio, or interlock driveway to your property? A beautiful stone or interlock feature can add major visual impact and usability to your property, as well as increasing the value of your home in many cases. If you plan to complete this project yourself, a key element to success is ensuring that you have the right products to make your walkway, patio, or driveway look great and last for many years to come. At Greely Sand & Gravel, we always strive to provide our customers with everything you need to create a stunning landscaping project. That is why we have added Alliance Rigid Paver Edging to our product lineup. This edging, used by professional landscapers, helps create smooth, even, and clean-looking borders around your walkway, patio, or driveway, and will help ensure that your stones stay in place.

What is Alliance Rigid Paver Edging?

Alliance Paver Rigid Edging is made with 100% Polypropylene Copolymer, which provides both strength and flexibility to edge your interlock patio or walkway. This product is composed of 8’ lengths that sit right up against your stone, creating a smooth and defined edge. It is essential to keep interlock stones in place and as time goes on, this edging will provide continued protection against shifting and deterioration for your landscaping project. This edging can be installed before or after the installation of paver stones or interlock.

Installing Alliance Rigid Paver Edging

In order to secure the paver edging in place, 10" nails can be inserted through the holes in the edging. It is recommended to use one 10" nail every foot of edging as well as at every junction of edging pieces. If you are following this recommendation, you will require nine nails per length of edging installed. For your convenience, we offer the nails for purchase as well.

You might be thinking, can these edging lengths go around corners? With a little extra work, yes they can! The edging can be flexed around corners simply by cutting the necessary bridge supports between the nail holes at the point of where the bend is necessary. Using this method, the edging can even be flexed to a 90 degree angle! This gives you the freedom and creativity you need in order to make your project unique and beautiful, while still providing the same support and stability to your stones or pavers.

If you’re looking to add strength, flexibility, and rigidity to your paver or interlock project, look no further than Greely’s Alliance Rigid Paver Edging. Give us a call today at 613-821-3003 to learn more or order online.