Sand Bags

Sand Bags
Sand bags used for ballast
Skid of Sandbags


Sand Bags are polyethylene and are 16″ x 26″ in size (16” x 20” when filled). Each sand bag weighs approximately 50-60 lbs.

A full skid will have 25 sand bags and a half skid will have 13 sand bags.

Sand Bags are available for pick up at 1971 Old Prescott Road. Delivery of full skids and half skids starts mid April.


  • Flood control
  • Bags can be stacked to build a barrier
  • Used as ballast for traffic signs




$9.99 Each picked up
$444.75 full skid delivered - 25 Bags
$324.87 half skid delivered - 13 Bags

Note: Full skid and half skid prices include delivery to Ottawa (central Kanata to central Orleans).

SAVE $25 off the price of each multiple skids that you order and get delivered at the same time.
Note: The price includes the cost of the skid. If you return the skid to one of our landscape depots, you would receive a $15.00 refund.


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