Topsoil & Compost

Greely’s Topsoil, Mushroom Compost and Topdressing Soil will get your lawn and garden in the best condition possible. Whether you’re sodding or planting a new lawn from seed, our soil products deliver lush lawns, as well as healthy gardens filled with vigorous plants and beautiful flower beds.

  • 2x3 Raised "Select" Garden Planter

  • 4x4 Raised Garden Box

  • Greely's Mushroom Compost (organic)

  • Screened Topsoil

    Greely's Screened Topsoil

  • Greely's Topdressing Soil™ (organic)

Not sure which product to choose? Here’s a guide to picking the right products for your lawn and garden needs.

If your flower and vegetable gardens need some rehabilitation, our locally sourced Mushroom Compost will help to organically condition the soil, providing the valuable nutrients your plants need to thrive. A great source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK), delivered in a readily available form to encourage plant growth. A great addition to your garden’s soil, your lawn or even container plants, Mushroom Compost is suitable for most plants in your garden. For maximum effectiveness in the garden, we recommend mixing it into your existing soil, rather than applying on top of gardens and flower beds.

Our Screened Topsoil is sure to make your lawn and garden projects both more effective and easier. Recommended for gardening use, it has been extensively screened to remove debris such as sticks, rocks, clumps and roots. It mixes more easily with compost and fertilizer and offers better drainage. You’ll want to use Screened Topsoil in your garden, when preparing a lawn or in containers.

If you prefer a high-quality and consistent all-in-one product, consider Greely’s Topdressing Soil. A mixture of our Screened Topsoil, Mushroom Compost plus black peat, this Certified Organic blend is a great, all-purpose growing soil. Useful for saving steps and mixing, or for your organic garden, our Topdressing Soil can also be used for topdressing lawns to strengthen root systems, new gardens as well as those in need of reviving and replenishing, and trees or shrubs. This healthy soil is rich with nutrients and microbes to help your plants grow strong and without chemicals. Sometimes known as triple mix, black soil or garden soil, Greely’s Topdressing Soil is Certified for your organic growing needs.

Whether you choose our Mushroom Compost, Screened Topsoil or our very own Greely’s Topdressing Soil, you can be assured of the finest quality lawn and garden products available.