Excess Soil

Excess Soil is excavated soil that must be removed from a project site. It is encouraged to reuse the soil on the job site to reduce waste and emissions caused when transferring the excess soil. When it can’t be reused on site, it needs to be disposed of elsewhere.

The Provincial government has released Regulation 406/19 which dictates how excess soil is to be handled. All uncontaminated excess soil must be disposed of at a dedicated reuse site. Due to this regulation, we are required to collect more information about where the soil originated.

If you are a homeowner:

Dumping at one of our sites – be ready to answer a few simple questions, you can complete the Dumping Manifest form and bring it with you to streamline the process.

Renting a yard waste bin for excavation waste (excess soil) – you will be required to fill out the Excess Soil in the Bin form before the delivery of the bin. If it has not been completed and received by the office your bin will not be delivered.

If you are a landscaper:

  • The Annual Acknowledgement and Indemnity form is required at the beginning of each season.
  • The Excess Soil Importation form will be required for each job site whether you are dumping at one of our sites or renting a yard waste bin.
  • The Dumping Manifest information is required with each load being dumped at one of our sites. You can fill this out before arriving to streamline the process. This information is entered with each ticket.


For more information about Ontario Regulation 406/19: On-Site and Excess Soil Management please visit: