EV Polymeric Sand

Grey EV Polymetric Sand
Beige EV Polymeric Sand


EV Polymeric Sand is a specially formulated mixture of graded sand and high-performance polymer binding agent designed for all paver and natural stone joints up to 4”(10 cm). It will remain stable and flexible in the most extreme weather conditions and freeze/thaw cycles when properly installed. Ultimate versatility, for all paver and natural stone joints from 1/8” to 4”(3 mm to 10 cm). Horizontal or sloped surfaces, residential or high-traffic commercial applications. Stabilizes pavers, prevents erosion, ant hills & weed growth. Will not stain pavers, safe to use by the pool. Perfect for cobble stone and driveway apron applications.

Available in beige and grey, natural colours with no pigment or dyes. Comes in economical 50lb bags!

Note: Grey EV Polymeric Sand is out of stock for 2021.

Applications for EV Polymeric Sand:

Bag Size



50 lb $28.45 Beige
50 lb $28.45 Grey


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No refunds or exchanges on garden tools, including shovels, tampers, and turf edgers.


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