Bulk Salt Orders Available At Our Salt Depot

Frequently Asked Questions

Information for Ordering

How do I place my order?

The best way is to contact us at 613-821-3003 where you will always reach a live person when you call.  We will be happy to discuss your order with you to ensure you have the right product for your job.

You may also conveniently place your order online during the Spring and Summer seasons, from the comfort of your home or office!

If you visit our landscape depots to view our products, you are able to place your order in person at our landscape depot at 1971 Old Prescott Road in Greely.  Unfortunately, you are not able to place an order in person at our landscape depot located at 3350 Moodie Drive.

How big is a cubic yard?

In one cubic yard there are 765 liters or 27 cubic feet. Just think, if you purchased a cubic yard at the store, you would need 27 store bags! That’s a lot to carry and a lot of trips to the store…


A cubic yard bag looks bigger than a cubic yard in bulk. Is this true?

A cubic yard in a bag and a cubic yard in bulk is the same volume, 27 cubic feet.  Check out our video!

I need more help with visualizing volume...

Click here for photos and further explanations of what a cubic yard looks like.

What are the split load sizes?

Single Axle Split Box: Front Back
Soils & Mulch 5 cubic yards 3 cubic yards
Stone, Riverstone, Sand 3 cubic yards 3 cubic yards
Tandem Axle Split Box: Front Back
Soils & Mulch 6 cubic yards 6 cubic yards
Stone, Riverstone, Sand 4 cubic yards 5 cubic yards
Triaxle Split Box: Front Back
Soils & Mulch 6 cubic yards 8 cubic yards
Stone, Riverstone, Sand 5 cubic yards 7 cubic yards

Note: All products are available as low as 1 cubic yard.
(1 cubic yard is approximately 6-8 wheel barrow loads)

Can I exchange a cubic yard bag?

Greely’s Gardening Bag Return Policy

Due to the nature of our products, Greely Sand & Gravel cannot offer a refund on any Greely’s Gardening Bags. If you would like to have an unopened Greely’s Gardening Bag removed from your property, a charge of $109.50 (plus HST) will apply. We are only able to pick up a Greely’s Gardening Bag if it is accessible from the road and in good physical condition.

Please note: If we delivered a cubic yard bag of product to your home and you prefer to have the unused cubic yard bag exchanged for a different product, we will charge the difference in price between the products, along with a delivery fee of $109.50 (plus HST).

If the bag was placed on your property according to your delivery instructions, however you are not satisfied with the placement, we will gladly return to move the bag at a cost of $109.50 (plus HST).

If you are not satisfied with the product, you must call the office at 613.821.3003 or email us within 3 business days of the delivery date of the product.

How can I pay for my order?

For online orders, you can pay by Visa or Master Card.

For orders placed via telephone, we accept Visa, Master Card, or E-Transfer.

For pick up loads, you can pay be Visa, Master Card, debit card, OR CASH.

What is Organic Topsoil?

This article defines organic topsoil and outlines the benefits of using organic topsoil, such as Greely’s Topdressing Soil, in your gardens and flowerbeds.

Information for Delivery

Do you deliver split loads?

Yes, we deliver split loads in a single axle, tandem, and tri-axle trucks to one location. This means that you can get two different products in one truck. Our split truck boxes are designed to have a gate in the middle to keep the products separated. The middle gate is locked in place until the driver clicks the release button. So as the truck box lifts, the product at the back of the truck will come out first. The truck will move ahead, the driver clicks the release button which allows the middle gate to swing, which in turn allows the second product to slide out of the box into a second pile.

Refer to below for truck quantities available. Split loading charges apply.


Do you deliver products in bags?

Yes! Greely’s Gardening Bags are 1 cubic yard bags that are 3 ft X 3 ft X 3 ft. You can receive soil, mulch, river stone, sand or crushed stone in our 1 cubic yard bags. And our Gardening Bags are a full cubic yard, 100% guaranteed! Clean and convenient!

We also have half cubic yard bags which are 29″ X 29″ X 28″ AND 1/4 cubic yard bags which are 24″ X 24″ X 20″.  Perfect for those small projects!

WATCH OUR VIDEO – A delivery of a 1 cubic yard Gardening Bag

How much space do you need for a bulk delivery?

We need a space of 12 feet wide and 15 feet high.
The trucks vary in length from 18 feet to 30 feet, which depends on the size of your load.

Need more visuals? Click here.

soil tandem load with dimensions

What are the load sizes?

Full Loads (Soil & Mulch): Single Axle Dump Trucks 8 Cubic Yards
Tandem Dump Trucks 18 Cubic Yards
Tri Axle Dump Trucks 22 Cubic Yards

Note: All products are available as low as 1 cubic yard. Maximum load size for stone and aggregates varies by product. Please call us for more information.
(1 cubic yard equals 6-8 wheelbarrows)

What are Greely's THREE different delivery options?

What are Greely’s THREE different delivery options?

Single TrucksAir Miles

greely delivery truckAvailable for five different delivery windows in a day
Split-load TrucksAir Miles Split Load TruckPerfect for jobs that require two different types of materials
Mini Roll-Off ContainersAir Miles Greely Roll Off Container NO TruckReceive your product and rent the container for your excavation and/or yard waste clean-up
Pick-Up pic-truck2You can also pick up your supplies at either of our two customer-friendly landscape depots.

Can you drive on to my driveway with the dump truck?

You take responsibility of your driveway past the curb and must give us permission to drive on to your driveway, via online order or when placing the order via telephone.  During a hot summer the driveway can get very hot.  So when a heavy dump truck goes on to your hot driveway, it could cause damage.  Be sure to keep this in mind when placing your order online or discussing your dump location with our staff.

Can you dump the load or place the Mini Roll-off Container on the street in front of my house?

If you would like your bulk load dumped, or the Mini Roll-off Container placed, on the street in front of your home rather than on your driveway, you MUST arrange for a temporary encroachment permit through the City of Ottawa. The driver will not dump the load or place the container on city streets until you provide the driver with the proper permit. For more information on temporary encroachment permits, please email row_permit_office@ottawa.ca or call 3-1-1.


Other Information

What do I do with the bag once I am finished with it?

There are various options you can choose from.

Option 1:  You can keep the bag for personal use.  Some ideas include using the bag to cover your air conditioner over the winter months.  The bag is also great for storage, such as storing patio furniture.

Bag for A/C Unite Bag on A/C unit  patio furniture

Option 2:  Choose to use our environmentally friendly DisposaBag Service.  This allows you to use your cubic yard bag to get rid of excavation material (old soil, sod, etc. that you dig out of your yard),  garden waste (leaves, branches, planting trimmings), or non-hazardous household waste.

Option 3: Bring the bag to one of our landscape depots to be recycled for you.     

Why am I seeing more weeds this hot and humid summer?

The undesirable grasses that are appearing on lawns during hot summers are annual grasses. There have been two types that become active due to the hot and humid weather.  Both Barnyard grass and Green Foxtail  have a lighter colour to the leaf which makes them very conspicuous compared to darker lawns. These annual grasses have sprouted from seed that was either in the sod base soil or the topsoil. These seeds can stay dormant for years and only initiate when they get the right summer weather conditions. Being annual grasses they will not survive past the first killing frost, or mid September. The nature of the plant is to grow quickly and try to create new seed. It is important that homeowners overseed regularly to encourage a dense root system so as to not provide space for annual grasses to grow and to keep their lawns mowed so the annual grass doesn’t have the opportunity to form new seed heads. These grasses are more of a nuisance and will not affect the quality of the lawn long term. These annual types seed are present in soils throughout Ontario and unfortunately there are no tools available to control these dormant seeds.

How do I prevent weeds?

Preventative Practices
Proper mowing, irrigation and fertilization practices prevent many weed problems. Mow every three to five days during growth periods to keep the lawn at a height of 2 ½ to 3 inches during the summer months. Leave clippings on the grass after mowing. Grass clippings provide about 20 percent of the fertilization needs of most grass types. Fertilizer needs vary according to grass species, but nitrogen is the nutrient most needed by all grass types. It is important that homeowners overseed regularly to encourage a dense root system so as to not provide space for weeds to grow. Organic compost fertilizers are applied once or twice yearly because they release nutrients slowly into the soil. Irrigate when the top 2 inches have dried out — or two to three times per week. Deep, infrequent watering discourages weed growth.

Can I combine my coupon codes

Unfortunately, only one coupon code can be used per online order.

Can I use a promo code for products picked up?

Unfortunately, coupons are available for online delivered orders only.

Can I use a promo code for orders completed over the telephone?

Unfortunately, coupons are available for online delivered orders only.

Can I pick-up my order?

Yes, you can come and pick-up your order.

We have two customer-friendly landscape depots located at either end of the city. Both of our depots are clean, safe and easy to use. If you have a pick-up truck or trailer, we are able to load it with our convenient 1 cubic yard bucket.  Keep in mind if your truck has a cap, we will not be able to load you with our loader; therefore, you would need to load yourself.  Please note: Any trucks or trailers being loaded must be safe and meet MTO standards.  Please bring a tarp to cover your load before leaving our yard.  There is a minimum charge of $40.00 for a pick-up truck or trailer loads. Applicable taxes are extra.

If you do not have a truck or trailer, there are many other means of picking up a product you desire – compost containers, recycle bins, pails, and much more.  Please remember to bring a shovel!

Click here for directions to our landscape depots.

What does picking up my order cost?

We’d love to have you come to either of our two conveniently located landscape depots! For price lists for each depot, please click here.

Can I look at your products in person?

Yes, you are more than welcome to come and view the variety of products we offer.  Please visit our landscape depots located in the South-East and West-End of Ottawa.  Not all of our products are found at our West-End Landscape Depot.  For a list of the available products and their prices, please click here. 

Where are you located?

Click here for the locations to our main office and our two customer-friendly landscape depots.

What type of dye is used to colour your mulch?

For more information on the dye used to colour mulch, please click here.

How do I apply mulch?

Be sure when applying mulch to not choke out your plants.  Let them have some breathing room by keeping the mulch away from the base of the stems.

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