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Flat rooftops are one of the most utilized construction techniques due to cost-effectiveness and ease of construction. However, issues such as leakage can quickly occur without Roofing Stone to help with the roof’s durability.

The primary purpose of Roofing Stone is to serve as protection and maintenance for flat roofs. By properly fixing the stone to the roof surface, the stone will absorb the sun’s UV rays and help anchor the material underneath.

Greely recommends and offers Washed Pea Stone as the best solution. Washed Pea Stone is a mix of white, gray, brown, red, green, and blue river rocks with a smooth texture.

Washed Pea Stone Uses

The ideal use for Washed Pea Stone is as a Roofing Stone; however, it can be used for various other applications such as:

  • Use for drainage, backfill, and pipe bedding
  • Garden decoration, garden beds, and garden drainage
  • Washed Pea Stone is often used for walkways and pathways
  • Sometimes used as a base for children’s playgrounds

Washed Pea Stone is used as Roofing Stone due to its characteristics rather than its texture. However, Washed Pea Stone is widely used for other applications due to its natural texture that doesn’t stand out but still breathes life into the landscape.

Why is Roofing Stone Important?

A built-up roof (BUR) is a very common style of flat roof built from alternating layers of various materials, most commonly fibreglass and asphalt. Roofing stone is then embedded into the topcoat of the asphalt, the flood coat, to prevent the roof from cracking, degradation, UV rays, and leaks.

The BUR itself is built to be waterproof; however, Roofing Stone provides support against and extends the roof’s life.

Depending on the climate, simply pouring Roofing Stones on top of a flat roof could be more detrimental, even dangerous, than not having the additional support from the Washed Pea Stone or other Roofing Stone; Roofing Stone must be embedded.

Sizes Available:  Greely Sand and Stone carries Roofing Stone in 3/8” size. Order it by the bag (3 convenient sizes) or by the truckload!

Greely Sand & Stone offers a variety of stone & gravel in an assortment of sizes for all your landscaping & hardscaping needs. Let us know your requirements, and we will assist you in selecting the right type of stone for your Ottawa property. Choose the stone you want, place an order, and we’ll deliver directly to your driveway in Ottawa!

1 cubic yard bag vs 1 cubic yard bulk

Is a cubic yard bag bigger than a cubic yard in bulk?  No, they are both are the same in volume at 27 cubic feet.  Check out our video!


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