Silva Cell Soil

A blend of topsoil, washed sand, and compost to retain moisture and to provide significant drainage. To be used with structural cells to provide a stable platform for easy planting.

Plus, Silva Cells allow the trees to get the oxygen and nutrients they need to grow larger and live for many years.

Silva Cell Soil is a product that helps urban trees and plants grow healthy and strong. It is a modular system that creates space for soil under the pavement, where it can absorb water, nutrients and oxygen. Silva Cell Soil also reduces stormwater runoff and pollution by filtering rainwater through the soil and roots. Silva Cell Soil is designed to support traffic loads and fit around utilities, making it suitable for streets, plazas, parking areas and green roofs.

Please note that Silva Cell Soil is not available online. For information on how to order, contact Greely Sand & Gravel Inc. today.