All About Geo-Textile

Whether you are a commercial landscaper or a homeowner caring for your own lawn and gardens, weeds are a common issue that you will encounter in nearly every project! One of the best ways to deter weed growth in your flowerbed, patio, or walkway is to use a weed barrier fabric. This helps prevent weeds from growing up through your soil or between your stones, meaning less weeding for you after your project is complete!

Weed barrier or landscape fabric as it is also known, is a thick layer of fabric that goes underneath your new mulch or stone to prevent weeds from growing up through your mulch or stone.  For a new patio, walkway, or river rock installation, the fabric is installed once you have completed the excavation step of your project.

Once excavation is complete, line the entire area with the landscape fabric. To prevent weeds from growing up through the space between pieces of fabric, allow for a generous overlap of a few inches. Ensure that the entire area is covered and that there are no gaps. Using a pair of scissors, cut the landscape fabric to the proper size.  Not only will the landscape fabric help prevent weeds, it will also restrict the stone from working its way down in to the subsoil.  Once the landscape fabric is installed, you can begin shoveling your new product into the space. Take care to ensure the fabric does not shift and create gaps as you add mulch, stone, or river rock.  Anchoring pins can also be used to secure the landscape fabric in place.

For a flowerbed, line the soil with the landscape fabric, ensuring it overlaps to prevent spaces.  The landscape fabric can be cut to fit around existing plants and shrubs.  Then apply the mulch at a 3” layer to help hold the landscape fabric in place.

At Greely Sand & Gravel, we offer three different types of landscape fabric to ensure that you get the best results for your specific project. All three options come in 3’ x 50’ rolls.

Pro Guard Woven Geotextile has a tarp like texture and is very durable, making it perfect for underneath stone as it is very resistant to tearing and holds up well under a lot of weight. This would be an ideal product for anyone looking to create an interlock or stone patio or walkway.

Pro Ion Plus Non-Woven Geotextile has a fabric like texture and is perfect for use under mulch in flowerbeds.

Pro Silver Plus Woven Geotextile is silver in colour making it an excellent choice for camouflaging the ground underneath river rock or any other type of decorative stone. Use this product to maximize the visual aesthetic while preventing weeds from growing up through your stone.

For your convenience, we also sell anchoring pins to help keep the landscape fabric in place. All three types of landscape fabric and the anchoring pins are available at both our landscape depots and can be added to your delivery order when you purchase soil, mulch, stone, or any of our other landscaping products. Still have questions? Give our office a call today at 613-821-3003.