Shredded Cedar Mulch (4 Colours)

Shredded Natural Cedar Mulch
Shredded Black Cedar Mulch
Shredded Chocolate Cedar Mulch
Shredded Rustic Red Cedar Mulch

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Freshly ground White Cedar bark is fibrous in texture, and mats very well. Strong cedar aroma.

The coloured cedar mulches have been enhanced with a biodegradable dye to ensure a more long-lasting and uniform colour versus the natural cedar mulch.

Environmental Note:  Cedar Mulch is sustainable since it is produced using by-products from sawmills and forestry operations.


  • Ideal for slopes
  • Used mostly in tree beds or large landscape areas
  • Reapplication as required for the visual effect
  • For more information on the colourants used, click here
  • Check out the texture...

Please note: Due to variations in monitor settings, we cannot guarantee that the colours displayed on our website will exactly match the colour of the product.  If you have any questions about a particular colour, please contact us prior to ordering for clarification.

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1 cubic yard bag vs 1 cubic yard bulk

Is a cubic yard bag bigger than a cubic yard in bulk?  No, they are both are the same in volume at 27 cubic feet.  Check out our video!


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