Sports Field Topdressing Soil

Organic turf blendGreely Sand & Gravel Inc. is proud to introduce another fine product that will help rejuvenate well-used sports fields, such as soccer fields, football fields, and ultimate frisbee fields.

This engineered soil is a free flowing sandy based soil where Category A compost is mixed and screened through a 5 mm screen to allow for easy spreading with a topdresser.

Our product has been used throughout the City of Ottawa on many fields and has great results in a short time.


  • Apply mix after the playing season to a maximum depth of 1/4" with a topdresser for a more even application.
  • Most important not to overspread! As the saying goes "less is more."
  • Always aerate fields first before applying mix.

Please note that Sports Field Topdressing Soil is not available online. For information on how to order, contact Greely Sand & Gravel Inc. today.