White Calcite Stone

1/2″ – 3/4″ White Calcite Stone
3/4″- 1 1/2″ White Calcite Stone

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White Calcite Stone represents purity, balance, and innocence. Though many believe it can have healing properties and support emotional balance and clear-headedness, it’s mainly used for decoration.

As a decorative addition to your landscape, White Calcite Stone can add so much beauty and uniqueness with only a little bit of creativity.

Greely Sand & Gravel offers White Calcite Stone in 1/2” – 3/4” and 3/4” – 1 1/2” sizes. Both size ranges can be used for every project, but we recommend the smaller size for smaller projects such as aquariums and larger sizes for ponds and fountains.

White Calcite Stone Uses

  • White Calcite Stone will add so much personality and value to your home as a border around a house. Combined with a few plants, expect White Calcite Stone to transform the look of your home.
  • Decorating flower beds, gardens, and tree beds with White Calcite Stone will result in a very unique look. Adding red or black stones will further make your garden, flower bed, or tree bed memorable. For example, Black Granite combined with White Calcite Stone can result in a very modern, unique, and artistic decoration.
  • White Calcite Stone can be added as an accenting piece to pool areas, ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. Any water-oriented feature of your home will be improved with White Calcite Stone.
  • Because many believe that White Calcite Stone has multiple beneficial and healing properties, you could use it as a standalone decoration in your house or yard.

White Calcite Stone is almost similar to gravel, but it has different properties. Rather than a stone, White Calcite closely resembles a crystal, which gives it a unique look.

Whether or not White Calcite Stone has healing and spiritual properties, one thing’s for sure; it will transform your house and turn it into a home.

Sizes Available:  Greely Sand and Stone carries White Calcite Stone in 1/2” – 3/4” and 3/4” – 1 1/2” sizes. Order it by the bag (3 convenient sizes) or by the truckload!

Greely Sand & Gravel is here for all your home’s landscaping and hardscaping needs! We offer a variety of stone & gravel in an assortment of sizes for all your landscaping needs. Let us know your requirements, and we will assist you in selecting the right type of stone for your Ottawa property. Choose the stone you want, place an order, and we’ll deliver directly to your driveway in Ottawa!

Bag Delivery Note

How is a cubic yard bag delivered?

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet = 764 Liters = 2200-3000 lbs

1/2 cubic yard = 13.5 cubic feet = 382 Liters = 1100-1500 lbs

1/4 cubic yard = 6.75 cubic feet = 191 Liters = 550-750 lbs

Note: Greely’s cubic yard Gardening Bag holds 1 Full cubic yard of product, measuring 3′ x 3′ x 3′.  A Greely’s half cubic yard Gardening Bag holds a full half cubic yard of product, measuring 29″ x 29″ x 28″.  And Greely’s Quarter cubic yard Gardening Bag holds a full quarter cubic yard of product, measuring 24″ x 24″ x 20″. Please note that we only deliver physical goods to Ottawa and the surrounding area.

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Greely’s Gardening Bag Return Policy

If you would like to have an unopened Greely’s Gardening Bag removed from your property, a charge of $149.50 (plus HST) will apply. We are only able to pick up a Greely’s Gardening Bag if it is accessible from the road and in good physical condition. Due to the nature of our products, we cannot offer a refund.

If the bag was placed on your property according to your delivery instructions, however you are not satisfied with the placement, we will gladly return to move the bag at a cost of $149.50 (plus HST).

If you are not satisfied with the product, you must call the office at 613.821.3003 or email us within 3 business days of the delivery date of the product.

Load Delivery Note

NO refunds or exchanges on completed load deliveries.

Please note: Due to road restrictions in the spring, large loads are subject to a second delivery charge.

Price includes delivery in the Ottawa area  (Central Kanata to central Orleans to Kemptville).

“Load Delivery” refers to a product being dumped loosely on to your driveway by a dump truck. Please note that split loads cannot be ordered online. If you’re interested in ordering a split load, please call us at 613.821.3003.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you must call the office at 613.821.3003 or email us within 3 business days of the delivery date of the product.

1 cubic yard bag vs 1 cubic yard bulk

Is a cubic yard bag bigger than a cubic yard in bulk?  No, they are both are the same in volume at 27 cubic feet.  Check out our video!


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