Portland Cement Mix

Portland Cement


Cement for General use. 30kg bag


  • Use water that is uncontaminated and free from debris (i.e. drinking water)
  • Use a clear stone and clean sand without residue. We recommend our ¾ or 3/8 clear stone and a washed sand (washed sand contains no residue)
  • To prevent the concrete surface from drying out during the curing process, it is important to protect it for the first 24 to 48 hours. Cover it with a damp burlap/cloth or a plastic film.
  • Use the minimum quantity of water required to reach the desired consistency. Excess water weakens the structural properties of the product.
  • Protect from freezing for the first 24-48 hours.


For more details visit https://sablemarco.com/calculate.php

Amount of water required: Use approximately 6L of water per 10kg of Cement GU. (18L per 30kg bag)

Mechanical mixing: Start the mixer. In the mixer pour ¾ of the required amount of water, the stone and then the sand. When the mixture is homogeneous, add the cement gradually. Slowly add the remaining water needed and continue mixing to obtain a malleable mixture (about 3 minutes).


Manual mixing: Mix the dry materials well on a clean hard surface, or in a wheelbarrow. Gradually add the required water while mixing with a shovel to achieve the recommended consistency. It’s better to mix the mortar mechanically.


All provided measurements are approximate. The final outcome of the product will depend on the environment, time put into preparing the product and care put into the curing process.

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