Looking for Road Salt in Ottawa?

Rock Salt

2023-2024 Winter Pricing
$195.00 per cubic yard picked up

Starting early November, we have bags for pick up at our Main Depot at 1971 Old Prescott Rd:
$132.50 per half cu.yd. bag picked up
$230.00 per full cu.yd. bag picked up

Or choose delivery (available until November 30, 2023):
$287.50 per half cu.yd. bag delivered to Ottawa (central Kanata to central Orleans)
$385.00 per full cu.yd. bag delivered to Ottawa (central Kanata to central Orleans)

Product Availability

South-East Depot
1971 Old Prescott Road, Greely, ON, Canada

Time of Operation
7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Salt Depot
5362 Bank Street, ON, Canada

Time of Operation
Night Time On-Call Basis Only

Keeping Roads Safe, One Grain at a Time

Greely Sand and Gravel has the bulk road salt you’re looking for. Whether you need it by the bag (half cubic yard, full cubic yard bags) or bulk loads for delivery, count on Greely to have the road salt you need, when you need it.

Unlock a Worry-Free Winter with Greely’s Road Salt

Reduce the chances of someone slipping on the icy surfaces of your commercial, industrial or residential property with Greely’s Pure Road Salt.

Ottawa winters can be unpredictable, creating a hazardous situation for your customers, tenants and employees. Planning ahead and buying bulk road salt can help your business save money, effort and time while ensuring your premises are safe for all during the winter months.

Available for pick up or get fast delivery throughout the Ottawa area. Our salt depot is open for extended hours during major snow events.

Melt Away Your Winter Worries

Greely’s ice melter products are designed for residential, commercial and industrial customers concerned about safety measures. Whether you are de-icing parking lots, walkways or highways, Greely’s Pure Road Salt is the best, most cost-effective choice.

We’re Ottawa’s top de-icing choice among winter maintenance professionals. Once snow has been removed from roads, parking lots or walkways, a layer of road salt will ensure safer surfaces for everyone on your property.

For Clearer Paths and Safer Journeys

Greely Sand and Gravel is proud to serve Ottawa’s snow removal and de-icing community. Whether you need road salt by the bag or the truckload, we’re there for you in even the worst of ice and snow conditions.

FAQs About Greely’s Road Salt in Ottawa

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