Rock Salt

Rock Salt

Winter is coming! Stock up on your bags of Rock Salt NOW!

Pure Rock Salt is available from Greely Sand & Gravel Inc. and is ideal for contractors.

2022-2023 Winter Pricing
$185.00 per cubic yard picked up

For a limited time, we have bags for pick up at our Main Depot at 1971 Old Prescott Rd:
$127.50 per half cu.yd. bag picked up
$220.00 per full cu.yd. bag picked up

Or choose delivery (available until November 30, 2022):
$282.50 per half cu.yd. bag delivered to Ottawa (central Kanata to central Orleans)
$375.00 per full cu.yd. bag delivered to Ottawa (central Kanata to central Orleans)

Bulk load delivery is available.

Characteristics of Rock Salt:

Rock Salt is the backbone of the deicing industry. A common way to clear icy roads is to apply a layer of salt, which lowers the freezing temperature of water and melts the ice. Salting roads is standard practice and many consider it an effective method for preventing weather-related collisions. Bulk rock salt is effective to -9C and it covers most conditions with ease.

Product Availability

South-East Depot
1971 Old Prescott Road, Greely, ON, Canada

Time of Operation
7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Salt Depot
5362 Bank Street, ON, Canada

Time of Operation
Night Time On-Call Basis Only

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