Our organic mulches can add a decorative touch, insulate your soil or even offer a soft, safe surface for children to play on. Use it to add a pop of colour around trees or flowers or to protect your soil from erosion and weeds and to preserve moisture. Cedar mulch is the most durable and aromatic, said to have natural properties to help control weeds and pests. Pine bark mulch can add aluminum to your soil, which promotes leafy growth and it breaks down quickly, enriching the soil with organic material.

  • Adventure Playground Mulch (IPEMA)

  • Composted Pine Mulch

  • Enhanced Black Bark Mulch

  • Greely's Own Pine Mulch

  • Landscaper's Cedar Mulch

  • Pine Bark Nuggets

    Pine Bark Nuggets

  • Shredded Cedar Mulch (4 Colours)

  • Shredded Pine Mulch (2 Colours)

Natural Shredded Pine Mulch: Composed of natural pine, this mulch helps to block sunlight and naturally prevent weeds from growing while offering a fresh pine aroma.

Black Shredded Pine Mulch: This enhanced black shredded mulch adds an elegant touch around the yard while performing valuable tasks.

Composted Pine Mulch: An excellent soil conditioner, this dark-coloured mulch is rich in organics and continues to slowly release nutrients into your soil and retains moisture longer than other mulches.

Natural Shredded Cedar Mulch: Comprised of freshly ground White Cedar bark, this mulch has a fibrous texture, mats easily and delivers a strong aroma of Cedar.

Black Shredded Cedar Mulch: Our same great Shredded Cedar Mulch in an elegant black colour, derived from biodegradable dye. Its black colour will make your flowers POP with colour

Rustic Red Shredded Cedar Mulch: This Shredded Cedar Mulch offers a burst of long-lasting colour standing out against natural landscapes.

Chocolate Shredded Cedar Mulch: In a more earthy tone than the Natural, this mulch has a uniform chocolate colour.

Enhanced Black Bark Mulch: This shredded hardwood bark has a chunky texture. Very attractive, its dark colour will compliment your landscape, but will also lighten over time.

Landscaper’s Cedar Mulch: Comprised of ground cedar bark, this fibrous mulch mats well, making it ideal for slopes. Often used in large landscape areas and tree beds, it decomposes slowly, reducing the need to replenish.

Adventure Playground Mulch: IPEMA Certified, this natural wood fibre is tested for cushionability and accessibility. This mulch mats together, creating a soft, safe surface for children to play on.