Greely Sand & Gravel™ carries a huge selection of professional-grade products, tools and equipment, that will satisfy the most exacting specifications. We carry a large inventory of materials to help you get your projects completed properly, and on time.

We carry a variety of sands and soils, including screened topsoil, hydro sand and washed mantle (Eljen) sand, turf soils and engineered soil as well as mulch and adventure playground mulch. For your landscaping and hardscaping needs, we have a variety of stone, from premium bedding stone, coloured Riverwash stone and crushed stone & gravel, to retaining wall stone, patio stones and pavers. We’ve also got you covered with heavy equipment rentals, and Yard Waste Bin rentals. Our fast delivery is designed for the busy contractor on a deadline. Simply order and arrange delivery by either load or bag.

Beautiful Lawns and Gardens Start Here

With our guarantee to deliver premium topsoil, mulch, stone, sand and more at an affordable price, it’s always been easy to choose Greely. Now with our quick and clean yard bag solution getting your landscape supplies from Greely is more convenient than ever.

Advantages of Truck Loads

  • More economical for larger purchases
  • Available in three convenient delivery options:
    1. Single truck loads
    2. Split trucks (two different materials)
    3. Yard Waste Bin Rentals

Advantages of Cubic Yard Bags

  • Available in convenient 1/4, 1/2 and 1 cubic yard bags
  • Available for all of our top selling products
  • Keeps wasted material to a minimum
  • Protects material from the weather
  • Convenient and reduced mess on your driveway
  • Easily placed on your driveway or front yard using our Moffett forklift