Greely's Licensed Composting Facility

In 1999, Greely Sand & Gravel anticipated that topsoil would become less available, and by incorporating mature leaf and yard waste compost in to topsoil, it will increase the longevity of topsoil.  Mature leaf and yard waste compost increases soil structure, microbial activity, aeration, and water and nutrient retention.

Greely Sand & Gravel's facility is an Ontario Ministry of the Environment licensed compost facility.  Leaf and yard waste compost is produced as category AA compost, as deemed by CCME standards.  Greely Sand & Gravel is a proud member of the Composting Council of Canada and advocates composting for all our future.

Location: 2260 Stagecoach Road, Greely, Ontario

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday: by request only

Saturday & Sunday: closed