Our Team & History

In 1982 we - Brent and Donna Pyper - began Greely Sand & Gravel Inc. This family owned and operated company has grown with the strength and determination of our entire family and the dedication of our employees. In fact, some employees have been with GS&G from the very beginning.

Continuing the family business through generations, our son David climbed onboard in the 1990s, followed by our daughter Tara in the millennium. They are following in the footsteps of their grandfather and father, focusing on product quality and service.

It may be old-fashioned but we insist our staff wear our GS&G uniforms for the topsoil season, and our fleet maintains safety and cleanliness at all times. We also believe in answering our phones with a real live person! Consequently, Greely customers appreciate the personalized service of being educated about all our different products and which one is right for their project.

Management of GS&G is focused on the health and safety of its employees and makes every effort to provide a safe, healthy working environment. A complete health and safety program has been implemented at GS&G. GS&G strives to ensure health and safety is on the minds of all its employees. The publication “Greely Safety News” is distributed within the company to inform employees of health and safety issues and updates. As well, Safe Driving Awards are presented at each annual Christmas party. The prestigious “Health and Safety Award” is given to one employee who has demonstrated his/her efforts in health and safety within the company. GS&G believes in the motto, “Every worker should come home safe and healthy every day”.

We started out wanting to be the best, and we got there through hard work, determination, and innovation, and thanks to our family and team we continue to be the best, over 40 years later!

From our family to yours...