Premium Bedding Stone

School is back in, the weather is cooling down, and summer activities are wrapping up for another year. Although landscaping may be the last thing on your mind during the Fall season, September can be a great time to put in some work around your property to make sure it is ready for you to enjoy in the Spring. Have you been dreaming about that perfect patio or new walking path? Maybe you need to replace or fix your driveway or walkway before the snow flies. If an interlock or patio stone project is on your to do list this Fall, you need to call Greely Sand & Gravel to make sure you have all the right products, just in time!

One of our more specialized products that can hugely impact the success of an interlock or patio stone project is our Premium Bedding Stone. Premium Bedding Stone, also known as High Performance Bedding, is similar to gravel except that it is made up of tiny, angular pieces. The shape of the stones allows them to fit together well, creating an excellent base for patio stone or interlock bricks. Premium Bedding Stone is self-compacting, and is designed to resist shifting when weight is placed on it, making it stable and secure. In areas where water may accumulate, Premium Bedding Stone also provides excellent drainage.

When using Premium Bedding Stone as your base for an interlock or patio stone project, you will not need crushed stone or stone dust. Simply excavate the area, add landscape edging around the perimeter, and fill the space with a layer of Premium Bedding Stone. We generally recommend a depth of approximately 4” - 6” for your layer of Premium Bedding Stone.

If you haven’t yet selected your patio stones, we are pleased to offer a variety of options here at Greely Sand & Gravel. Our large patio stones are popular with our customers as they are quick and easy to install and add a timeless, functional feature to your property. We also have several more unique options such as our “Big Foot” and “Paw Print” stones which are perfect for a fun walking path. Whether you are looking for something classic and functional or want to add a whimsical feature to your lawn, Greely Sand & Gravel has patio stones to fit your vision. Come and see them at our landscape depot in Greely or in our online store!

Along with your patio stones and Premium Bedding Stone, don’t forget to add some other essential products that will give your project a completed look. We supply top quality landscape edging which will keep your lines clean and distinct and help prevent your stones from shifting after installation. If you are doing a project involving interlock stone, you will want to pick up a bag or two of our Polymeric Sand. Available in grey, beige, white, and black, Polymeric Sand seals the gaps between the individual stones. Once you have set all your stones in place, simply pour the Polymeric Sand on top and sweep it into all the spaces between the stones. A quick sprinkle of water from the hose and your Polymeric Sand will set - finishing off your interlock project.

For more information regarding our Premium Bedding Stone, pavers, patio stones, landscape edging, Polymeric Sand, and more, visit our online store today! We are also open and ready to assist you five days a week at our two conveniently located landscape depots. Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean it is too late to make your landscaping dream a reality this year!