Patio Stone & Accessories

Our selection of pavers and patio stones offer endless possibilities for your landscape construction projects. Hardscaping adds an elegant touch, whether you’re building a modern retaining wall, dressing things up around the pool or adding a cobblestone pathway. Suitable for all areas, repairs are a breeze and you can even use some of our stones in the driveway.

  • Alliance 10” Spiral Nails

  • Alliance Rigid Paver Edging

    Alliance Rigid Paver Edging

  • Basket Weave

  • Big Foot Stepping Stone

  • Butterfly Stepping Stone

  • Deck Blocks

  • Lily Pad with Frog Stepping Stone

  • Paw Print Stepping Stone

  • Sale! Random Brick Sahara

    Random Brick Pattern – 50% OFF SALE

  • Sale!

    Terra Square – 50% OFF SALE!

  • Turtle Slab Stepping Stone

  • Turtle Stepping Stone

Basket Weave: Durable and simple, these economical tiles are ideal for patios and walkways.

Terra Square: Pattern and texture offer an elegant feel to an easy-to-install 24″X24″ patio stone.  Try Terra Square for your next walkway or patio project!

Random Brick Pattern: Our Brick Pattern slabs add modern class to your patio or walkway, and save you work in the process. Add a border for a finished, contemporary look.

Alliance 10″ Spiral Nails: Spiraled for penetration and grip, these nails are designed to work with our Alliance Rigid Paver Edging. These heavy-duty anchoring spikes are thick and have an extra-large striking surface head.

Alliance Rigid Paver Edging: Easy to use and quick to install, our edging provides great lateral support. Strong and rigid, it is ideal for straight applications and its “Twist and Lock” system makes interconnection easy.