Decorative Stone & River Rock

From tiny pebbles to gigantic boulders, our decorative stone and river rock provides both form and function. Their individuality creates a unique and distinctive effect, drawing the eye to the areas you want to highlight. Used as a groundcover, retaining walls, hardscapes and patios, stone and rock can also reduce noise, keep temperatures consistent and act as a permanent mulch.

  • 1"-2" Highly Polished Black Pebbles (10kg bag)

  • 1"-2" Semi-Polished White Pebbles (10kg bag)

  • 1/2" - 1 1/2" Red Granite Stone

  • 1/2"-1 1/2" Brown Marble

  • Black Granite (when dry)

    3/4" - 1 1/2" Black Granite

  • 5/8" Clear Red Granite Stone

  • 3/8" – 5/8" Coloured Riverwash Stone

    Coloured Riverwash Stone

  • 3/8" Washed Pea Stone

    Roofing Stone

  • White Calcite Stone

Coloured Riverwash Stone: Providing a low-maintenance natural look, this stone is ideal for ponds, water features and shaded spots where the grass is difficult to grow. Sometimes known as Pea Stone, this stone serves as a great accent around flower beds, walkways and the pool.

Ornamental Pond Stone: These large, heavy stones can be used to create rapids in water streams or to add a natural visual effect to your pond.

White Calcite Stone: Irregularly shaped with jagged edges, these striking white stones are perfect for ponds and water features, around the pool and flower bed or even as a maintenance border around your home.

Fossil Stone: Each of these giant landscaping boulders is unique in colour and shape, offering a distinctive look to your landscape project, retaining wall or yard décor.

Retaining Wall Stone: These heavy-duty stones have a variety of uses while adding visual impact to your landscape, shoreline or yard.

Decorative Landscape Boulders: Our wide selection of unique boulders can be used for retaining walls, unique structures or even the centrepiece of your yard.

¼” Red Granite Dust: A great accent to your landscaping projects, place this tiny stone in places where grass has difficulty growing or on walkways & paths.

½” – 1 ½” Red Granite Stone: Drawing attention to your trees and shrubs, this accent stone looks great around features you want to highlight.

¾” – 1 ½” Black Granite Stone: Our luxurious Black Granite Stone comes all the way from Sudbury, adding a dramatic flair to your flower beds and walkways.

Bobcat Armour Stone: This easily stackable stone is smooth textured and is perfect for retaining walls, unique rock benches or as a natural playground for children.

Mountain Grey Wall Stone: Also known as Armour Stone, this stone is perfectly suited to retaining walls due to its easy stackability and smooth texture.

Concrete Ridge Steps: Offering the look and feel of natural stone, these steps are high-strength and surprisingly affordable.

Roofing Stone: Designed to be used on flat rooftops, our roofing stone is available in 1 – 1 ½” Roof Ballast and 3/8″ Washed Pea Stone. Used to protect your flat roof from the elements and ultraviolet light, Roofing Stone extends the life of your roofing surface, helping to prevent cracking, blistering and other situations that could lead to leaks over time.

Granite Boulders: Reddish in colour with black and white highlights, these distinctive looking boulders will make a great accent piece.

Canyon Stone: Boasting a distinctive texture and shape, these boulders make excellent accent pieces in your yard, pond or water features.

Tatlock Mining Boulders: Available in black, white and pink, these distinctive stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Elephant Stone: Adding the perfect touch to your landscaping, our unique Elephant Stone boasts a distinctive texture and character.

Large Landscape Boulders: Available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and textures, these large stones add visual value and impact to your landscape.

Cheetah Stone: Looking for something truly unique? You’ll find this landscape boulder’s distinctive colouring and character adds a unique design to your landscape.

Jasper Stone: This stone’s stunning textures and varying colours are sure to draw plenty of attention.

Mica Stone: Dramatic in appearance, Mica Stone is the perfect accent to your landscaping and looks great near water features or in a rock garden.