Ottawa Road Salt, Thawrox and Winter Chip Stone

Greely Sand & Gravel has the solution to all your winter snow and ice safety needs. Our products are exceptionally effective in keeping sidewalks safer and improving roadway conditions. Give us a call to determine the ideal winter safety product for your commercial snow and ice management needs.


Thawrox Salt

Our premium de-icing product delivers exceptional benefits at lower temperatures. Its effectiveness, reduced bounce & scatter and good adhesion will make your de-icing budget go farther this year.

Rock Salt

Road Salt

Road Salt is broken into large granules for easy spreading on roads, sidewalks and other surfaces. Its texture also improves friction when used as a roadway de-icer.

Winter Chip Stone

Winter Chip Stone

This salt-free winter abrasive is heavy enough to stay in place, resisting wind and won’t disappear under a layer of fresh snow.

Salt and Sand Mix

Salt / Sand Mix

This mix is used to increase traction on thick icy surfaces or snow-covered roadways. Comprised of only enough salt to prevent the sand from freezing, this product is also ideal for reducing damage to concrete and asphalt. Our most economical solution for ice control!

Salt and Chip Mix

Salt / Chip Mix

This mix provides added traction in slippery areas at an economical price.