Ottawa Playground Sand

Ottawa Playground Sand

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City of Ottawa Spring Load Restrictions: Maximum of 8 cubic yards per load for Ottawa Playground Sand

Ottawa Playground Sand is the ideal choice for families, contractors, municipalities, and schools.  Our Ottawa Playground Sand has undergone an impact surface test to ensure safe sand for children. Grace-Kells Consultant Inc. performed a controlled laboratory impact surface test, which is outlined in the report titled New Playstructure Sand Testing (March 2001), designed by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

This washed sand provides a safe play area. Click for Sieve Test Results. Click for Impact Surface Test Results.

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1 cubic yard bag vs 1 cubic yard bulk

Is a cubic yard bag bigger than a cubic yard in bulk?  No, they are both are the same in volume at 27 cubic feet.  Check out our video!


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