Yard Waste Bin Rental in Ottawa

Our yard waste bins are the perfect way to dispose of large quantities of organic waste. From leaf & yard waste to excavation materials, Greely Sand & Gravel Inc.™ makes it easy to get stuff out of your yard.

Perfectly sized for residential use, our yard waste bins for rent are available for periods of three to seven days. Ideal for homeowners, landscapers, contractors and builders, our yard waste bins for rent measure 10' x 8' x 42" high and can hold 6 – 8 cubic yards (or 8 metric tonnes) of clean inert fill.

If you are looking for a reputable and reliable bin rental company for removing your organic yard waste, contact Greely Sand & Gravel today!

Important Information

If you are using our yard waste bin for excavation waste (excess soil), you will be required to fill out the Excess Soil in the Bin form before the delivery of the bin. If it has not been completed and received by the office your bin will not be delivered. More information on excess soil.

Want even more out of your yard waste bin rental? Have it arrive filled with landscape products or aggregates like topsoil, limestone or stone dust. We’ll deliver the bin with the materials you need (only one product per bin) and pick it up when you’ve refilled it with yard waste. Not only is this super-convenient, but you’ll save 50% on the delivery cost of the delivered product.

The Most Common Projects for Yard Waste Bin Rental

You’ll find our yard waste bin rentals helpful for a variety of projects:

  • Yard & Garden Waste – Reclaim your outdoor space! Renting a yard waste dumpster is a quick and effortless way to conveniently clear out yard and garden waste so you can focus on improving your outdoor living space.
  • Excavation Waste – Your local trash collection won’t take soil or other excavation waste, but we will!
  • Product Delivery – Use our yard waste bins to have products like soil or aggregates delivered. Simply fill up the bin with excavation or yard waste, and we’ll haul it away too.
  • Tight Areas – Also known as Mini Roll-Off Containers, our yard waste bins are the perfect size for small driveways and yards.
  • Small and Mid-Sized Landscape Projects – Why waste time and energy trying to fill those paper yard waste bags and line them all up at the curb? Or trying to find a buddy with a pickup truck to take it to the dump? Just toss it in a yard waste bin, and we’ll take it all away for you.
  • Tree Trimming & Removal – Having branches trimmed or dead trees cut down and don’t feel like chopping up all that wood? Our yard waste bins can help you remove that wood affordably and quickly. We’ll deliver the bin to your driveway and return to haul those tree branches away once you’re done filling it.
  • Environmental Clean-ups – Storms can wreak havoc on your landscaping. From one fallen tree to an extensively damaged yard, our yard waste dumpster rentals can make clean-up quicker and more efficient.
  • Overhauling Your Yard – Major landscaping projects generate a lot of yard waste. Whether ripping out sod, excavating for a new pool or clearing shrubbery, a yard waste bin makes disposal fast and efficient.