Decorative Stone & Decorative Sand

Are you looking to add some visual pop to your property? Maybe your landscaping needs a refresh? There are so many options when it comes to adding colour, texture, and aesthetic elements to your gardens, lawn, and yard! Whether it’s accenting your pool, topping up the sand on your waterfront, or creating a beautiful stone path to your patio, Greely Sand & Gravel has the products to make your landscaping dreams a reality.

In addition to gravel and stone dust, we have a variety of beautiful decorative stones that can be used to create paths, borders, decorative features, or to provide drainage where needed. If you are looking for a classic riverstone, Greely Sand & Gravel is pleased to offer our customers five different sizes of high quality riverstone. Choose a smaller stone size to create a walking path or a bigger stone size for a border along your property or around your pool. Decorative stone is also an excellent and low maintenance option for shady areas on your property where grass may struggle to thrive.

Looking for something a bit more unique than riverstone? Our high-end decorative stone include red and black granite, brown marble, and white stone are stunning, timeless options, sure to be eye-catching! No matter which decorative stone option you choose, we strongly recommend using one of our weed barrier fabrics underneath your stone, to prevent weeds from growing up from the ground below. Additionally, using a weed barrier will keep your decorative stone from mixing with the soil and grass, preserving those nice clean edges! Remember to add a thick enough layer of stone (at least 3” depending on stone size) to fully cover the weed barrier fabric.

If your property has a waterfront, children’s play area, or another landscaping feature where sand is required, we have you covered with several of the most sought after types of sand available on the market. After many customer requests, we are now offering a specialty decorative sand, White Bunker Sand. This decorative sand is sourced all the way from Haliburton, Ontario and has a velvety soft texture paired with a vibrant aesthetic appeal. Perfect for beaches and waterfronts, White Bunker Sand is easy to rake, is firm enough to walk on comfortably, and provides quick and effective drainage.

Greely Sand & Gravel is also pleased to be able to provide our customers with Ottawa Playground Sand, a great choice for your family sandbox, outdoor play area or a beach. Meeting rigorous safety standards, this sand is safe for your children and offers hours of fun! As with our decorative stone, we strongly recommend placing a weed barrier below your sand to prevent weed growth.

Still unsure about what type of stone or sand is right for you? Interested in learning more about how you can have decorative stone or decorative sand delivered to your home? Give our team a call at 613-821-3003 to learn more about all our decorative products and our convenient delivery options. Our online store also offers lots of helpful information to get you started on planning your landscaping project. You can even pick up your desired product at our main site in Greely. Come visit us today!