Riverwash Stone

A time-tested classic, Riverwash Stone continues to be one of Greely Sand & Gravel’s most popular products, year after year! This stone is both durable and beautiful and can be used in so many different applications around your property. From creating a sturdy walking path, to outlining your pool, to providing excellent drainage, Riverwash Stone serves so many different purposes, all while looking attractive and requiring little maintenance.

Greely Sand & Gravel’s Riverwash Stone is locally sourced from the Ottawa Valley. The stones are carefully cleaned and sorted according to size. Depending on the specific area where the stones are collected, there can be variation in shape and colour – part of what makes this product unique and versatile! While it may look dusty and grey on a hot and dry day, rinsing off your Riverwash Stone with a hose will bring out its vibrant colours. From tones of red and pink to blues, greys, and whites, Riverwash Stone is a truly stunning assortment of stones that mesh together to create a clean, eye-catching element in your landscaping.

When it comes to sizing, Greely Sand & Gravel offers five different stone sizes to fit every project:

  • ⅜” – ⅝”
  • ¾” – 1 ½”
  • ⅞” – 1”
  • 1 ½” – 2”
  • 2” – 5”

To create a walking path or a base for a patio, you generally will want to choose a smaller stone size to provide more stability. If your project involves making a border around a pool, garden, or along the edge of your property, a bigger size of stone will help fill the space and create a strong visual effect. A medium sized stone can be a great option to allow for drainage in spots of your property that may encounter more rain and groundwater.

If you are looking for a bigger stone with a similar look to Riverwash Stone, be sure to check out our Ornamental Pond Stone. These larger stones have the same overall colour scheme as Riverwash Stone, but are perfect for use around or as a base for a pond or water feature. When used on the bottom of a pond, Ornamental Pond Stone provides a very natural look, especially as the water and sunlight highlight the colour and variety of the stones.

It can be difficult to know exactly what size of stone would work well for a specific landscaping project. Some properties may even require multiple sizes of Riverwash Stone for different areas and purposes. If you are still unsure about which size of Riverwash Stone you need, stop by one of our two landscape depots to see the product for yourself! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you. And remember, the stones always look more vibrant when they have been given a good rinse!

Once you have decided on the size of stone you need, measure the length and width of the area you want to cover, in order to determine how much of the product you will need. For Riverwash Stone, we recommend a depth of at least 3” for the smaller stone sizes and at least 8” for the larger stone sizes, in order to ensure good coverage. Use our handy Cubic Yard Calculator on our online store to figure out how many cubic yards you will need. Riverwash Stone is available for delivery in bulk loads by dump truck, or in our convenient Greely Gardening Bags – now available in three sizes! When placing your order, don’t forget to add some of our Pro Silver Plus weed barrier fabric to keep weeds and grass from growing up through your Riverwash Stone.

Still have questions? Visit our online store now to learn more about our products and delivery options or pick up the phone and give us a call today at 613-821-3003.