Playground Products

Whether you are a contractor, homeowner, daycare operator, or school administrator, when you need playground products, Greely Sand and Gravel is here for you. We pride ourselves on offering highly tested playground products that are safe, visually appealing, and most importantly, fun!

At Greely Sand and Gravel, we carry three products that have been specifically developed and approved for use under and around children’s playground areas. These are Playground Stone, Playground Sand, Adventure Playground Mulch.

While each option has its own benefits to offer, any of these three products would make a great base for your play area or playground.

Ottawa Playground Stone is a washed, clear round pea stone that is perfectly sized for children to walk and play on. This stone is impact-tested and meets safety standards set out by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. Besides using it under and around a play structure, this stone is also a perfect option for creating a walking path or as the base for a rock garden.

Ottawa Playground Sand is also rigorously tested and meets safety standards set out by the City of Ottawa. This soft sand provides cushioning under swings, slides, and climbers, and is also a great option for sandboxes and sand tables. Wherever you use it, Ottawa Playground Sand is sure to be a popular option among children for playing, digging, and building.

Adventure Playground Mulch is composed of natural wood fiber that mats together well, creating a soft and cushioned surface, perfect for play. One of the major benefits of Adventure Playground Mulch is that it makes your play area accessible for people requiring assistive equipment such as walkers or wheelchairs. Greely Sand and Gravel’s Adventure Playground is certified for safe and accessible playground use by IPEMA - the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association.

When it comes to installing your playground product, we recommend a depth of at least 12”. This provides enough depth to allow for the products to compact and still provide sufficient cushioning, accessibility, and impact absorption. Additionally, if you are using Ottawa Playground Sand in your play area, a depth of 12” will allow plenty of room for digging and building with sand toys. To prevent weed growth, we strongly recommend using a weed barrier fabric below your playground product. Check out our online store to see some of our top quality options such as our Pro Silver Plus.

An added benefit of all three of our play products is their visual appeal. From clean, soft Ottawa Playground Sand, to the beautiful colours in our Ottawa Playground Stone (Tip: Rinse the stone down with a hose to bring out the vibrant shades), to the neutral wood tones of Adventure Playground Mulch, you will never need to compromise on aesthetics to find the perfect product for your play area.

Still have questions or want to see our playground products for yourself? Stop by one of our two conveniently located landscaping depots where our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you. Or, visit our online store today to learn more about these safe, accessible, and fun playground products!