The Magic of Composted Pine Mulch

Our customers are often surprised about how many different options we offer at Greely Sand & Gravel when it comes to mulch. We are proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality mulches, perfect for any project. One of our mulches that has become increasingly popular is our Composted Pine Mulch.

What is Composted Pine Mulch?

Composted Pine Mulch is a unique product that offers a deep, rich colour combined with a unique texture compared to shredded pine mulch or pine bark nuggets. This mulch is partially decomposed, meaning that it has a texture more similar to soil than most other mulches while still retaining all the visual appeal of a wood product.

In addition to all the beautiful benefits of a typical mulch, including weed control, water retention, and increased visual appeal, Composted Pine Mulch continues to decompose over time, slowly releasing nutrients back into the soil. Adding Composted Pine Mulch to your garden or flowerbed ensures natural nutrients continually enrich your soil and strengthen your plants.

Another reason why Composted Pine Mulch is such a popular choice is because it is a very environmentally friendly product. This mulch is produced using by-products from sawmills and forestry operations, giving it a lower carbon footprint than other mulches. Our customers love having peace of mind knowing that they are getting a product that looks great and nourishes their plants, and is also better for the environment than other options.

Because of the nutrients released into the soil during the decomposition process, Composted Pine Mulch can act as a gentle, natural fertilizer. This is an excellent option for more delicate plants than a more potent natural fertilizer like Mushroom Compost. Composted Pine Mulch can also be applied directly on top of the soil rather than being combined with the soil at an appropriate ratio, making it a less labour-intensive product.

As with all our mulches, Composted Pine Mulch is available for delivery, either by the truckload or in our convenient Greely Gardening Bags. You can also pick it up at either of our landscape depots to save on the cost of delivery. Not sure about what type of mulch you want yet? Come and see us at our main office in Greely to see some actual samples of our products.

If you are ready to place an order or would like more information, visit our online store or call us at 613-821-3003. We would be happy to speak to you further about our impressive array of mulches for your landscaping project.