Topdressing Your Lawn


When it comes to maintaining your lawn, there is lots you can do as a homeowner to encourage thick, healthy grass growth! One of the best strategies is to regularly topdress your lawn. Topdressing is simply adding a light layer of soil over your existing grass to both add nourishment and to allow for overseeding. Ideal soil for topdressing includes a compost element which is rich in nutrients. Greely’s Topdressing Soil™ has been a customer-favourite for decades and is the perfect choice for anyone looking to topdress their lawn. With its trusted triple mix recipe and organic certification, Greely’s Topdressing Soil™ is a high quality product that can be delivered right to your door by dump truck load or by garden bag. Once you’ve ordered your soil, simply follow the steps below to topdress your lawn.

Preparing Your Lawn for Topdressing

Before you start spreading your topdressing soil, it is important to clear your lawn of any debris (sticks, stones, etc.), and cut your grass as short as possible without pulling it up from the ground. It may be helpful at this stage to rake or aerate your lawn to allow maximum mixture of the new and existing soils and ensure absorption of the added nutrients.

Adding the Topdressing Soil

Once your lawn is prepared for topdressing, simply sprinkle Greely’s Topdressing Soil™ using a shovel and a sweeping motion. The topdressing soil should not be dumped or piled on the lawn, rather it should fall gently between the blades of grass. Topdressing should add a thin layer of soil to your lawn, no more than ½” in depth. Try as much as possible to spread the soil evenly through the grass.

Ensuring Maximum Benefit

If you plan to overseed, sprinkle the grass seed over the newly added soil and then lightly sprinkle a touch more topdressing soil over the grass seed just to cover it.  If you require grass seed, Greely Sand & Gravel can deliver premium seed along with your soil for no extra delivery charge!  Make sure to water the lawn regularly to ensure maximum growth.  Remember, spring and early fall are both great times of year to topdress your lawn.

Following these steps with Greely’s Topdressing Soil™ will make your lawn look healthy and full. For more information, visit our product pages on our website or give us a call today 613-821-3003!