Ornamental Pond Stone 6" – 14"


Ornamental Pond Stone is the essence of a natural-looking pond. Without decorative Pond Stone, your pond might look closer to a small pool rather than a pond.

With a mix of red, gray, green, white, black, and blue stones that could be considered small boulders, Ornamental Pond Stone will give so much depth to your pond and the overall landscape.

There are a variety of different and creative ways to use Ornamental Pond Stone; for example, it can be used as a standalone decorative piece or even a walkway to the pond. When it comes to the Ornamental Pond Stone, creativity is your only limit!

How to Use Ornamental Pond Stone

  • The primary use for Ornamental Pond Stone is as pond beds. The stones soaked in water have a very unique look, especially under sunlight. Another fantastic benefit is that you can easily plant various plants between the rocks for a fresh new look.
  • Ornamental Pond Stones are perfect for holding and guiding water into a small, rapid stream. That’s because they’re essentially small boulders, and stacked on top of each other, they’ll be able to withstand the pressure of the water.
  • Ornamental Pond Stone isn’t only decoration for large aquariums and small fish ponds. Because of the helpful bacteria that grow on the stones, they will help keep fish, turtles, and other water animals happy and healthy.
  • Bordering paths and walkways or simply stacking Ornament Pond Stone can add depth and uniqueness to your landscape. Be as creative as you want!

How to Build a Pond With Ornamental Pond Stone

First, you’ll have to find a good spot for your pond, measure out the hole and put it to paper, or visualize it in your hand.

Decide whether you’re going to use Ornamental Pond Stone exclusively or mix it with pebbles, gravel, or other types of stone; if you need help choosing the stone, Greely Sand & Stone can help you decide.

Please Note:  These are large stones/boulders.  You must view the Ornamental Pond Stone in person before ordering by telephone or in person.

Cubic Yards


1 $282.30
2 $384.60
3 $486.90
4 $589.20
5 $691.50
6 $793.80
7 $896.10
8 $998.40
9 $1,100.70
10 $1,203.00
11 $1,305.30
12 $1,407.60
13 $1,509.90
14 $1,612.20
15 $1,714.50
16 $1,816.80
17 $1,919.10
18 $2,021.40