Preparing Your Yard for Winter


Nobody likes to think about it, but before we know it, winter will be here!

We usually think of winter as the season we take “off” from lawn and garden care, but there are several key ways you can prepare your yard for this cold season and give yourself a head start next spring. Below you will find a variety of tips to ensure that your yard is ready for this winter.

  1. Cut your lawn to the height that it has been maintained all year. Even though the grass grows a lot more slowly this time of year, it’s important to continue cutting your grass well into the fall season. This allows the roots of the grass plants to continue digging deeper so that your lawn will come back healthier the next year. Cut your grass short, but not too short! Cutting the grass too short can cause damage to the root system. Leave the clippings on the lawn to return nitrogen back to the grass. If possible, aerate, overseed, and fertilize to give your lawn the best start in the spring. Providing this extra boost in the fall goes a long way in keeping the root system strong and healthy. If you decide to go the overseeding route, we recommend our Premium Plus Lawn Seed which can be picked up at any of our conveniently located landscape depots.
  2. Remove all fallen leaves from your lawn before the first snow. As leaves decompose into your lawn throughout the fall and winter, they can affect the quality of your soil, and can even stunt new grass growth in the early spring. Be sure to either rake or mulch any leaves in your yard. These can be added to your compost pile if you have one. Alternatively, consider using our Disposabag service to quickly consolidate and dispose of all your fall yard waste.
  3. Trim back all perennial plants and remove all annuals to keep your gardens clean and ready for the coming spring. This keeps your plants healthy and also allows them to spring back to life the following year, while leaving room for new additions.
  4. Add a generous layer of two to three inches of compost to your gardens. Over the winter, this will slowly allow nutrients to be released into the soil, replenishing it for the growing season ahead. Our nutrient-rich Mushroom Compost is the perfect product for this task. Be sure to thoroughly mix the Mushroom Compost into the existing soil to yield the best results for your garden and plants in the spring.

While fall yard work may seem overwhelming, it’s an important time to keep your lawn and gardens healthy and well-maintained. By completing just a few simple tasks, you can rest easy in the winter months, knowing that you are set up for success in the spring. Want to learn more about the products and services we offer to help you complete these projects? Visit or call us at 613-821-3003 to talk to one of our qualified professionals.