Low Maintenance Front Yard Ideas

Are you feeling too busy to keep up with your property, but still want a beautiful front yard? Did you recently purchase a new home and are trying to decide how to landscape? We have so many ideas for you when it comes to designing a unique, beautiful, and low-maintenance front yard!

Usually when we think about landscaping, our minds jump to traditional grass lawns with flowerbeds and maybe an interlock path leading from the driveway to the front door. While this can be a beautiful and timeless look, there are so many more options to customize your outdoor space and reduce the amount of time you spend on maintenance.

Particularly if you live in a townhouse or a home in a recently developed community, it can be hard to figure out what to do with the small area in front of your home, as well as the long narrow areas between homes. Often, it seems impractical to own a lawnmower just to cut a few square yards of grass. That’s when it makes sense to look at different landscaping options for these tricky areas.

Instead of grass, consider using riverwash stone, or one of our other decorative stone options to cover your front yard area. Not only will this reduce the amount of time spent cutting and weeding grass, it creates an eye-catching and unique look for your home. To add visual diversity, consider planting a few trees or perennial flowers or bushes in the front yard. When you mix together trees and plants with different coloured foliage, the resulting array will stand out beautifully against a backdrop of riverwash or decorative stone. Remember to add mulch around the base of any plants to restrict weed growth and aid with moisture retention. This will result in healthier, more vibrant, and longer lasting plants.

You can also customize a low maintenance front yard by adding a walking path leading to the porch or door. Whether you choose interlock or pavers or some more unique and decorative stones to create the path, this will add definition to your front yard and help direct foot traffic.

For narrow areas between homes, consider adding riverwash stone to reduce the need to cut grass and also to promote good drainage away from your home. Perhaps talk to your neighbour and see if you can collaborate on a project to install stone between your homes.

Whenever you are installing riverwash stone or decorative stone, it is important to first excavate the area to a depth of at least 3″ for smaller sized stones and at least 6 – 8″ for larger sized stones. Before adding the stone to the area, use a weed-barrier cloth such as our PRO SILVER PLUS Woven Geotextile. This thick and durable weed-barrier is long-lasting and blends in well with natural-coloured stones. Using a good quality weed-barrier will help reduce weed growth through your stones.

Interested in checking out the options for a low-maintenance front yard? Our convenient online store has photos of all our products, as well as lots of information about our delivery options. While there, you can also use our Cubic Yard Calculator, located on every product page, to determine how much of each product you will require for your project.

Once you have chosen your products and know how much you need, go ahead and place an order. That way, you will already be in the queue when spring deliveries start. You can even select your ideal delivery date to help you plan ahead for your project!

If you have questions about any of our products or need more information before placing an order, give us a call at (613) 821-3003. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to help!