Grading Your Lawn

Fall is a great time to work on your property and make sure everything is in good order before the winter weather arrives. If you want to keep your property looking and operating in tip top shape, it is critical to not only think about the aesthetic elements such as flower beds and patios, but also the slope or grade of your property as a whole. A properly graded lawn slopes gently away from your home to allow rainwater, ground water, and melting snow or ice to drain away from your foundation, helping to prevent issues with flooding and mold. Depending on your property and situation, grading your lawn can be a relatively small job, or a project that requires help from experts and the use of effective heavy machinery. Either way, Greely Sand & Gravel can provide you with the landscaping products you need to protect your home while giving you a beautiful, healthy lawn!

The goal in grading your lawn is to keep water from entering your basement or interfering with your foundation. In order to achieve this, your property needs to have a gradual slope down or away from the base of your home. It is a good idea to have a professional come to your home to assess the grade of your lawn and let you know what work needs to be done, if any.

If you do need to create a greater slope away from your home to improve the grade, we recommend using a product like Greely Sand & Gravel’s Screened Topsoil. This soil provides structure and will allow for water to drain away from your home when installed at the correct depth and slope. When the grading work is complete, Greely Sand & Gravel’s Screened Topsoil is also  great for growing grass seed or for underneath sod.

For minor adjustments to the grade of your lawn, simply shovel or scoop the soil into the correct spot near the foundation of the house and slope it away using a large shovel or a rake, being sure to compact the soil as you go to maintain the slope. When your slope is created, you are able to seed or sod the area. Interested in purchasing grass seed or sod? Greely Sand & Gravel offers premium grass seed as well as locally grown sod!

If more extensive work needs to be done to correct the slope of your lawn, you may need to hire a professional with the right equipment to complete the job. Greely Sand & Gravel can still supply our Screened Topsoil for your project, no matter how big the load. We offer competitive pricing and stress-free delivery on bulk soil orders delivered via our spacious triaxle dump trucks.

In order to calculate how much Screen Topsoil  you need, simply find the length, width, and depth of the area you need to cover and enter them into the Cubic Yard Calculator found on the product pages of our website. Since you are sloping the soil away from the house, you will only require half of the amount of topsoil needed to fully fill this space. For example, if you are filling an area that is 10’ x 8’  and 12” deep, you would need 1.5 cubic yards of soil.

Grading your lawn can be a big job but our product experts at Greely Sand & Gravel are here to make sure you have exactly the right products you need, when and where you need them! Call us today or visit one of our two conveniently located landscape depots to learn more about our extensive range of products and delivery options.