What Makes Our Topdressing Soil Special?

Whether it’s your lawn, garden, or flowerbed, the best method for landscaping success is working from the ground up! When you ensure that you have top-quality soil, you give your plants and grass the best opportunity to grow taller and stronger right from the start. For more than four decades, the Pyper family has been mixing up our locally famous Topdressing Soil - the perfect blend for gardens, flowerbeds, and for topdressing your lawn. Read on to learn more about why our topsoil is the best option for your yard & garden projects!

Organic Topsoil

Greely’s Topdressing Soil is a triple mix, combining three essential ingredients in equal parts to achieve a balanced soil that yields fantastic results. Screened topsoil, the base ingredient of Greely’s Topdressing Soil, provides the structure for the final product. Next, we add locally sourced mushroom compost from Carleton Mushroom Farms. The naturally occurring nutrients in the compost act as a natural fertilizer for your grass and plants. The final ingredient in Greely’s Topdressing Soil is black peat - known for its water retention properties. Combined, these three ingredients create a perfect plant-growing environment, offering structure, nutrients, and prolonged moisture release.

Ottawa’s Favourite Topsoil

Another reason why Greely’s Topdressing Soil stands out is because it is approved for organic growing by the Centre for Systems Integration (CSI), a division of Seeds Canada. This means our soil undergoes regular and rigorous testing to ensure it meets CSI standards for organic growing. We also take care in our blending process to protect the purity and balance of our Greely’s Topdressing Soil. When you order this soil, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will always be getting the same high-quality product, month to month and year to year!

A Natural Fertilizer

While Greely’s Topdressing Soil is excellent for topdressing your lawn to prepare for overseeding or adding some extra nutrients to your existing grass, it is also a perfect choice for gardens and flowerbeds. Many gardening experts recommend adding compost to your vegetable gardens and flowerbeds as a natural fertilizer. When you use our Greely’s Topdressing Soil, you get all the benefits of these natural nutrients without buying a separate bag of compost and blending it yourself. You can rest easy knowing that your plants will have the nutrients they need right in your soil.

Topdressing Soil vs. Topsoil

As much as we love our Greely’s Topdressing Soil, there are certain projects where we recommend pure Screened Topsoil for the best results. If you are creating a base for a new lawn, whether seed or sod, you will get the best results by using Screened Topsoil, as it provides more structure than our fluffier Greely’s Topdressing Soil. To ensure that your new lawn still benefits from the moisture retention and nutrients in our Topdressing Soil, we recommend using it to topdress your lawn year after year to maintain a thick and luscious lawn.

Better Soil Makes Better Plants

If you’ve tried our Greely’s Topdressing Soil, you know why it is consistently an all-time customer favourite. If you haven’t yet had a chance, place an order today to get a Greely’s Gardening Bag or a bulk order of our time-tested Greely’s Topdressing Soil for your next landscaping project!