Diamond Grey

Diamond Texture
Diamond Grey

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With their diamond-texture finish, these patio slabs are a welcome addition to any patio or walkway.

Size: 24” x 24” x 1.75”

Colour available:  Grey


Pieces Coverage


Full Skid 25 100 sq ft


Half Skid 13 52 sq ft


Available for pick up at our landscape depot at a price of $9.45 each.


Rigid Paver Edging (8ft long)

10” Spiral Nails

Polymeric Sand – Beige or Grey

Base materials, such as Stone Dust, 7/8” Granular A, Washed Concrete Sand, or Premium Bedding Stone.  Why not get your base material in a cubic yard bag and save $25 by having it delivered with your skid of Patio Stone or Pavers?

 Note:  Full skid and half skid prices include delivery to Ottawa (central Kanata to central Orleans).  Delivery to the surrounding areas may have a delivery surcharge.

SAVE $25 off the price of each multiple skids that you order and get delivered at the same time.

Note: The price includes the cost of the skid.  If you return the skid to one of our landscape depots, you would receive a $15.00 refund.


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