When we think of “landscaping” our minds often go right to gardens, plants, and flowerbeds. But rocks and stones can add just as much of a visual effect on your property when applied in the right way! One of the most popular products we sell at Greely Sand & Gravel is our Riverwash Stone, a perfect option for taking your landscaping project to the next level. Riverwash Stone is a mix of small, smooth, lightly coloured stones, and is available in four different size categories. These stones can be used to create stunning walkways, accent an inground pool, transform areas where grass struggles to grow, or craft the perfect low-maintenance rock garden.

Choosing the Right Size of Riverwash Stone

In order to allow our customers the most options when it comes to customizing their project, our Riverwash Stone comes in the following size categories:

  • ⅜” - ⅝”
  • ⅞” - 1”
  • ½” - 2”
  • 2” - 5”

A smaller size is ideal for areas that will be used for walking or under lawn furniture, planters, or garden boxes. The smaller the stone, the more easily it will settle when applied, creating a more firm and stable surface when compared to a larger stone size.

Larger stones can create a stunning visual effect when used as a border around a pool area, or between two properties, or in a rock garden. Riverwash stone allows for good drainage in areas that tend to be wet and require little to no maintenance to keep them looking neat, tidy, and beautiful. When wet, the natural colours of the stone become vibrant and add another dimension to the look created.

Installing Riverwash Stone

Once you have decided on the size of stone you require, you can use our cubic yard calculator (found on every product page on our website) to determine how many cubic yards of stone you will need. Then, you can place your order for delivery either online or over the phone and select the delivery method you prefer (dump truck load or Greely Gardening Bag).

Before spreading the stone in the area you wish to cover, dig about 3” - 6” of soil out of the entire space and cover the ground below with a geotextile cloth to prevent weeds from growing up through your stones. We offer several high quality options for geotextile cloth, including ones that are grey in colour, so they can blend in with the stone. We recommend spreading at least a 3” layer of stone across the entire area to achieve sufficient coverage and maximize the visual effect. Keep in mind that the larger the stone, the thicker you will need to spread it. When you are finished spreading the stone, be sure to rinse it with your garden hose to remove any dust and dirt, and to bring out the natural colours.

Riverwash Stone can also be used in window wells and is a popular favourite for windows with high visibility. Riverwash Stone provides the same level of drainage as clear stone (gravel) but offers much more visual appeal.

If you have questions about our locally sourced Riverwash Stone or are ready to place an order, please give us a call at 613-821-3003 or visit our online store. We are always ready to help you make your landscaping dream a reality!