Organic Soil and Compost in Ottawa

Better Soil Grows Better Plants

There’s nothing more mouth-watering than the fresh, succulent taste of a sun-kissed tomato right off the vine in your own garden. Taking your culinary pleasure to new heights is the satisfaction you get from knowing what is- and isn’t- in your food. Organic gardening gives you the reassurance that your food has only been exposed to pure and natural elements. Like our customers, Greely Sand & Gravel wants to help make our world a better place. For us, this begins with providing sustainable options that are better for the Earth and people alike.

Growing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers makes your garden a picturesque haven for bees, butterflies and birds and is easier than you might think. Greely Sand & Gravel has the high-quality, organic materials you need to produce lush, nutritious produce all season long.

Greely’s Topdressing Soil™ (organic) – The same great blend of Greely’s famous screened topsoil, mushroom compost and black peat is now approved for organic growing. Sometimes referred to as triple mix, garden soil or black soil, this is a great all-purpose growing soil that is also organic. Use it to create new gardens or flower beds, topdress your lawn, plant trees & shrubs, or revive & replenish your existing garden and flower beds. Greely’s Topdressing Soil™ is certified for organic growing by the Centre for Systems Integration (CSI), a division of Seeds Canada. We comply with the standards set forth by the CSI, including annual on-site inspections of our processing facilities, detailed record-keeping, and periodic testing of soil and water.

Greely’s Mushroom Compost (organic) – Greely’s Mushroom Compost is an organic soil conditioner approved for use in organic growing! Mix it into your existing soil to give it a readily available boost of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). Locally sourced from Carleton Mushroom Farm in Osgoode, Ontario, mushroom compost adds nutrients to your soil, benefiting your plants and your garden’s overall soil health.

Our 4x4 raised garden boxes are organic too! Constructed of unfinished Hemlock wood, our 4x4 raised garden boxes are left untreated, making them organic and safe for your flowers, fruits and vegetables to grow in. They’re also locally made by The WoodSource, reducing their carbon footprint. The cherry on top? You’ll get free shipping within the Ottawa area!

Organic Soil and Compost FAQs