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Terra Stone

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SALE! 50% OFF!!

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Pattern and texture offer an elegant feel to an easy-to-install 24″X24″ patio stone.  Try Terra Square for your next walkway or patio project!

Size: 24” x 24” x 1.6”

Weathered Oak (beige)
Weathered Oak (beige)
Woodland Moss (Gray)






Woodland Moss Available:

  • 1 full skid
  • 1 half skid
  • 10 pieces

Weathered Oak Available:

  • 1 full skid
  • 1 half skid
  • 10 pieces

Weight:  65 lbs each


Pieces Coverage


Full Skid 30 120 sq ft $673.50  $336.75
Half Skid 15 60 sq ft

$434.25  $217.13

Available for pick up at our landscape depot at a price of $15.95 $7.98 each.

Note:  Skid prices include delivery to Ottawa (central Kanata to central Orleans).  Delivery to the surrounding areas may have a delivery surcharge.

SAVE $25 off the price of each multiple skids that you order and get delivered at the same time.

Note: The price includes the cost of the skid.  If you return the skid , you would receive a $15.00 refund.  Please return skids to our South-East Landscape Depot located at 1971 Old Prescott Rd in Greely.

Exchange & Return Policy

Please note: If we delivered a skid of product to your home and you prefer to have the unused skid exchanged for a different product, we will charge the difference in price between the products, along with a delivery fee of $139.50 (plus HST).

If the skid was placed on your property according to your delivery instructions, however you are not satisfied with the placement, we will gladly return to move the skid at a cost of $139.50 (plus HST).

If you are not satisfied with the product, you must call the office at 613.821.3003 or email us within 3 business days of the delivery date of the product.


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