Seed Starter Lawn Fertilizer

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Seed Starter Lawn Fertilizer is ideal for establishing root growth after seeding or sodding a lawn and contains 40% slow release nitrogen for prolonged fertilization.


  • Helps to establish good root growth after seeding or sodding a lawn
  • Application rate: 3 kg/100 m2 or 6 lb/1000 sft.
  • GUARANTEED MINIMUM ANALYSISThe analysis is achieved with final product at maximum moisture capacity
    Total Nitrogen (N) – 12% 3,0% Nitrogen form polymer coated sulphur coated urea et de soufre
    Available phosphoric acid (P2O5) – 24%
    Soluble Potash (K2O) – 8%
    Magnesium (Mg) – 1%
    Sulphur (S) – 2,1%
    Iron (Fe) (actual) – 0,16%
    Boron (B) (actual) – 0,02%
    Manganese (Mn) (actual) – 0,07%
    Zinc (Zc) (actual) – 0,07%
    Organic matter – 15%
    Maximum moisture – 10% – See more