The west end depot is now closed for the season. South east depot still open.

Tandem Flusher / Water Truck

New to Greely Sand & Gravel Inc. is a tandem flusher/water truck with a 4,000 gallon (18,000 litres) capacity.  The water truck can be rented by the hour (for a minimum of four hours) in Ottawa from Greely Sand & Gravel Inc. and is equipped with 4 nozzles for street cleaning, a 100 foot 1 1/2″ hose for manual work and 2 discharge nozzles at the rear for dust control or compaction. Just finished doing your landscaping project, why not give it a strong start by watering the freshly laid sod?

Our new flusher/water truck is environmentally friendly too because it uses a hydraulic pump rather than the typical second engine configuration, which means reduced emissions.


Per Hour


$105.00 4 Hour

Note: $30 fee for each load of water applies.

Ready to reserve yours? Give us a call at 613.821.3003 to book your job!

Our Water Truck Rental is Ideal for

Water Truck

  • Construction jobs where close water supply is a problem
  • Dust control or compaction
  • Establishing new plantings and sod
  • Street cleaning
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