Equipment Rentals in Ottawa

Greely Sand & Gravel Inc. proudly offers a wide variety of heavy equipment rental, available at competitive prices in Ottawa and the surrounding area!

Please contact our office at 613-821-3003 for pricing and availability.

Equipment Rentals Ottawa Type


Dump Trucks

  • Tandem Dump
  • Tri-Axle Dump
  • Tri-Axle Dump & Tri Pup
  • Tandem Tractor & Dump Trailer

M.O.E. License Extra

Also available are specially designed tandem and triaxle dump trucks equipped with dividers. This allows for customers to receive two larger quantities of products at one time and save money. Yet another innovative idea!

Tri-Axle Slinger

ottawa slinger service

The slinger is able to sling various products, including stone, sand, soil, mulch, and river rock up to a distance of 75 feet (depending on the product).  Watch our video!

Mini Roll-Off Containers


Mini roll-off containers can haul one or two products to the job site. After dumping the product(s), the container can be rented for excavation material or leaf and yard waste.Mini roll-off container size is 8 feet wide X 10 feet long X 3.5 feet high.

Tandem Flat Deck

Flat Deck Truck RentalFlat Deck with Moffitt

The tandem axle boom truck includes a custom-mounted articulated knuckle boom crane. Both tandem flat deck trucks can deliver landscape boulders, sod, cubic yard bags, and more.

Tandem Flusher / Water Truck

  • Tandem Axle / Water Truck, 4000 gallon (18,000 litres)

Equipped with 4 nozzles for street cleaning, a 100 foot 1 1/2″ hose for manual work and 2 discharge nozzles at the rear for dust control or compaction.

Environmentally friendly…uses hydraulic pump rather than the typical second engine configuration, which means reduced emissions.


Loader Rental Ottawa
  • 930 CAT
  • 938 CAT
  • 950 CAT
  • 966 CAT
  • 972 CAT

Tractor Backhoes

  • 420 CAT
  • Breakers
  • Thumbs


excavator rental


  • 320 CAT   (c/w Indexter)
  • 330 CAT
  • 345 CAT
Attachments on Indexter:
  • Twist Buckets
  • Blade
  • Grapple

D5 Dozer (Trimble Ready)

  • 6-Way Blade

Screening Plants

  • 1800 Powerscreen Warrior & Stacker
  • 516 Powerscreen Trommel & Stacker

Rental rates are available weekly or monthly. Available with screener rentals is an excavator or loader.