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The Benefits of Mulch


Does mulch offer new life to your flowerbeds? Does mulch keep the weeds at bay? Does mulch protect your soil from erosion and increase moisture retention? The answer to all these questions is: YES. Mulch is a wonderful addition to any garden or flowerbed and offers both aesthetic appeal, weed control, and other great benefits for your plants!

What is Mulch?

Mulch comes in many shapes and colours and can be made from a variety of materials. Most mulches are composed of shredded or chipped wood that can be dyed to provide a range of colour choices. Greely Sand & Gravel offers eleven different types of mulch, allowing our customers to create exactly the look they want for their garden or flowerbed. Our mulches are made from pine and cedar trees, and have the lowest carbon footprint when compared to other types of mulch. Pine and Cedar mulch are also sustainable since they are produced using by-products from sawmills and forestry operations.

What are the Benefits of Mulch?

Mulch adds visual appeal to your garden or flowerbed. If you love vibrant flowers, why not accent them by adding a black mulch that allows the colours to stand out? Lightly coloured mulches can also highlight details of your home’s exterior, and make a great base for a decorative boulder.

However, the benefits of using mulch go deeper than aesthetics! Mulch is a safe and natural product that can be used to stunt the growth of weeds by limiting their exposure to sunlight. The fibrous nature of mulch allows it to retain moisture that is then slowly absorbed by plants, providing necessary hydration. Lastly, mulch protects your soil from erosion, helping to ensure that your garden or flowerbed stays intact.

How do I apply mulch to my garden?

Once you have received your delivery of mulch, simply use a shovel to evenly distribute the mulch over your soil. Mulch should be applied after you have planted your plants and once your seeds have germinated and sprouted, so as not to stunt their growth. We recommend a layer of at least three inches for a new application of mulch. In order to keep the colour of your mulch bold and vibrant, consider reapplying a one inch layer of new mulch every year or every other year.

What about the dye used to colour mulch? Is it safe?

All of our enhanced mulches are coloured using biodegradable dyes that are considered to be safe for the environment. This also means that our mulches are not harmful for plants or pets. If you prefer a mulch that has not been dyed, we recommend our Composted Pine Mulch. This product is rich in organics and retains moisture longer than other mulches. As it continues to decompose over time it slowly releases nutrients back into the soil, conditioning it and encouraging healthy plant growth.

How do I know which mulch I should use for my project?

When it comes to mulch, the choice largely depends on personal preference! Which colour best accentuates your plants and the exterior of your home? Do you prefer the rich aroma of cedar or the more subtle scent of pine? The choice is yours! If you need more help deciding or would like to learn more about the benefits of a specific type of mulch, please call our office at 613-821-3003 – our knowledgeable team would be happy to assist you!

Digging Into Topsoil

Black earth, garden soil, dirt, topsoil. Soil can go by many different names and have many different applications! So how do you figure out what type of soil you need for your project? We can help! Greely Sand & Gravel has high quality topsoil perfect for every project.

Topsoil generally refers to a sandy loam soil that is typically used as a base for a new lawn. Greely’s topsoil is screened multiple times before it is ready for sale. The screening process involves sifting the topsoil to remove rocks, sticks, roots, and clumps.

Greely’s screened topsoil provides a perfect base for your new lawn, whether you are using seed or sod. Screened topsoil has the right amount of structure to give a solid foundation and is easy to work with when spreading and leveling your space. This soil is also ideal for filling and repairing small holes in your existing lawn.

It is important to note that screened topsoil is not the same as sterilized topsoil. Sterilized topsoil refers to soil that has been put through a sterilization process to kill weeds or any other seeds that might be in the soil. At Greely Sand & Gravel, our customers’ health and safety is our top priority and therefore we never subject our products to any chemical treatments such as certain methods of sterilization. Screening is a completely natural process that simply removes unwanted debris from the topsoil. Due to the non-chemical nature of the screening process, it is impossible for us to guarantee weed-free topsoil.

Greely’s Screened Topsoil is a quality product that has been trusted by homeowners and landscapers in the Ottawa area for nearly 40 years! We offer our screened topsoil for delivery by dump truck or in our Greely Gardening Bags. While topsoil typically isn’t ready until the end of April or beginning of May, you can place your order online ahead of time to ensure that your project gets off to a good start in the spring!

Planning Your Spring Landscaping Project

It may be cold and snowy outside, but now is the time to start planning for your spring and summer landscaping projects! Having a clear and well-laid out plan is key to making your project a success. Greely Sand and Gravel is your one-stop shop for all the materials you will need to make your landscaping dream a reality! By following the simple steps below, you can ensure that you are ready to go when landscaping season is here.

Preparing for Your Delivery

The first step in preparing for a delivery of landscaping materials is to calculate how much product you will need. To do this, first find the dimensions (length, width, depth) of each area you will be working on (e.g. your lawn, flowerbed, or garden). Collect your measurements in feet and inches and then input them into our Cubic Yard Calculator which can be found on the left side of every product page on our website.

For more information on how much depth is recommended when using a specific product, or which product is best for your project, give our office a call!

Once you know how much of each product you need for your project, you are ready to place your order.

Ordering Your Delivery

Now that you know how many cubic yards of product you will need, the next step is deciding if you want your product delivered by dump truck load or in a Greely Gardening Bag (cubic yard bag). The following chart outlines the benefits and things to consider regarding each mode of delivery.

Delivery Mode Benefits Things to Consider
Dump Truck Load The more you order, the more money you save! The product will be delivered loose and will be deposited on your lawn or driveway, requiring at least a 15’x15’ space.
Greely Gardening Bag Keeps your product contained – great for smaller spaces or projects that might take several days or weeks to complete. Unless you are buying multiple different products, this delivery method will be more expensive than the dump truck option for larger orders.

You can place your order quickly and easily using our online store. Remember to double check your quantities and delivery mode before confirming your order. We also strongly recommend including detailed notes in the comments section of the order form to help your delivery driver place your product exactly where you need it. You are also welcome to place your order over the phone with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

While we can sometimes offer same-day delivery on orders placed over the phone, please note that online orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance of your desired delivery date. Delivery slots are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend placing your order in advance, especially during our busy spring season!

If you want to learn more about our delivery methods, or have questions about your specific project, our team is always ready and willing to help. Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 613-821-3003.

Receiving Your Delivery

Our goal is to make the delivery of your landscaping materials a smooth and easy process every time! If you will not be home on the day scheduled for your delivery, it is very important that you remember to mark the spot where you would like your product placed. You can mark the spot using sidewalk chalk, a weighted down tarp, a pilon, etc. If you are receiving your product by dump truck load, we recommend putting a tarp down if you want to keep the product a little more contained.

Please note that our dump trucks require a clearance area of 14’ wide and 25’ high. If you are concerned about overhead wires or low-hanging tree branches in the area where your delivery will take place, please call our office to figure out a solution. Our Greely Gardening Bags are delivered using a forklift that requires 9’ of clearance (width).

Our drivers have all received training so they can provide safe, contactless delivery to our customers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order or scheduled delivery, please give our office a call!

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